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Kaine digital subscriptions are just £5.00 (EU 6.70 and $US 7.60) a year.

What does this do? It supports the band by allowing you to contribute a small amount every year and in return you get everything we release digitally for free and you get 10% off all CD’s, T-Shirts, Hoodies and Vinyl that we produce from this point onwards.

If you join today you will get our entire back catalogue for free including subscriber only releases.
This really is the cheapest and most effective way to support the band. You get all of the music and discounts on physical items so if you love what we do – subscribe today!

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Kaine is a British Heavy Metal band featuring Rage Sadler, Chris MacKinnon, Saxon Davids & Stephen Ellis formed in 2009.


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Sabrina Amazing music produced by an amazing group of people; I love Kaine!
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Chris I subscribe for two reasons: Firstly, I really like Kaine's music and secondly, I like to support quality UK rock/metal bands. Keep up the good work Kaine!

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